Social Media Marketing: –

Social media marketing or Social media promotion is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Due to the large amount of traffic that comes daily in social media can be a good target for the advertisers so that now a day’s social media marketing is also popular as search engine marketing.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. have all details about the users like demographics, interest, behavior, etc. which can be used by the advertisers to hit ads according to the user to get the most out of the advertising budget.

There are too many Social media platforms available right now but most used and famous are given below.

Some social media networks are: –

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Social Media Marketing?

    Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining Traffic or Attention through social media sites. Social media is the fastest-growing trend in the history of the world. 

    • This sector has grown faster than the Internet itself.

    Why we need Social Media Marketing?

    • Reaching targeted Niche-Oriented audience (Free/paid) 
    • Increased Engagement & Response 
    • Building trust, credibility, and relationship with your audience other brands 
    • Viral sharing: Allowing others to share your content Increasing website traffic 
    • Building conversions 
    • Raising brand awareness 
    • Creating a brand identity and positive brand association 

    Improving communication and interaction with key audiences

    Social Media Usage

    • People are using these platforms every single day. And they use them not just once per day, but multiple times.

    Start With a Plan

    • First, consider your business’s goals.
      • Starting a social media marketing campaign without a social strategy in mind is like wandering around a forest without a map-you might have fun, but you’ll probably get lost. Creating a Customer Avatar is extremely important. 
    • Here are some questions to ask when defining your social media marketing goals:
      • What are you hoping to achieve through social media marketing?
      • Who is your target audience?
      • Where would your target audience hang out and how would they use social media?
      • What message do you want to send to your audience with social media marketing?
      • Your business type should inform and drive your social media marketing strategy.


    Social Media Marketing – Content & Shares

    Content must be engaging so that people want to share it. Your content must be so good that it makes the user want to tell all of his or her friends about it.

    • Shares: Shares are the currency of the social media world. Shares are all that matters on social media

    Social Media Trends

    • Organic reach is down
    • Social media platforms make it more difficult for users to grow their own organic platform so that businesses spend more money on advertisements
    • Social is becoming more ‘pay to play
    • As organic reach becomes more difficult, businesses have to pay to play. 
    • Social media algorithms prioritize advertisements, the more that businesses are willing to pay

    Best Networks for Social Media Marketing?

    • Facebook 
    • Youtube 
    • Twitter 
    • Instagram 
    • Pinterest 
    • Snapchat 
    • Linkedin 
    • Others like Reddit, Quora, etc

    Honestly, there is no such thing as the best network. Everything depends on your end goal and where your customer is.


    • Launched in 2004 
    • 2 billion monthly active users with a 16% increase every Year
    • Every 60 seconds 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. (Source: The Social Skinny) 
    • It offers marketers the most data and the most targeted ads. You can be as specific as defining your customer down to the socks he’s wearing.




    Facebook Tips

    • Sharing content 
    • Post the link manually 
    • Offer a teaser
    • Images equal click-through 
    • Interaction with readers
    • Ask open-ended questions 
    • Make use of the “Question” feature on the Share tab 
    • Give the readers a chance to share something about themselves by offering a conversation-starter
    • Whet the appetite for content you’re working on 
    • Etiquette 
    • Respond ASAP to any comments, questions, or info left on your wall 
    • Share things about yourself, but not too much! 
    • Follow the readers’ lead on how often you should post to Facebook

    Should You Be On Facebook?

    • No. of Users
    • Gather More Leads
    • Saves Money
    • Targeted Audience
    • Build Brand Loyalty 
    • Increase Your Web Traffic
    • Facebook dominates social sales.



    • 3B+ Twitter Account
    • 330M Monthly Active users
    • 500 million Tweets sent each day
    • 80% of Twitter users  mentioned a brand in a Tweet
    • Tweets with an image receive 18% more click-through, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets.

     What About Twitter?

    • Create brand awareness
    • Marketing new product
    • Provide information
    • Manage online reputation
    • Connect to customers
    • Boost sales with special offers and discounts.




    • 800 million+ Instagram accounts active every month
    • 500 million+  Instagram accounts active every day
    • 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram
    • 300 million + accounts use Instagram Stories every day
    • Number of Photos Shared to Date: 40 billion
    • Number of Instagram Likes per day: 4.2 billion
    • Post that includes at least one hashtag get more



        Why Instagram?

    • Visual content
    • Centered on storytelling
    • #Hashtag
    • Generate Sales
    • Influencer Marketing



    • 1st YouTube videos uploaded – 23 April 2005
    • of people use YouTube – 1.300,000,000
    • Almost 5 billion videos are watched every day
    • More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.
    • 30 million visitors per day
    • Average mobile viewing session – 40 minutes.


            Why You Should Be On YouTube?

    • Captures Attention
    • High Traffic Volume
    • Viral Marketing
    • Accessibility
    • Social Media Marketing Integration
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Video creates much more influence than images of oe text.



    • Total Number of Linkedin Users: 500 million
    • Percentage of users that use Linkedin Daily: 40%
    • Number of New Linkedin Member per Second: 2
    • 40 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn
    • After the US, India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada has the highest number of Linkedin users
    • An average user spends 17 minutes monthly
    • 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn.

            Is Linkedin Worth Trying?

    • Good for B2B
    • Precise Targeting
    • Search Visibility


                 If your content helps people expand their networks or conduct business in a better way, it has a place on LinkedIn. If not, you might want to focus on other channels first.

               Use Linkedin Groups to establish your business as an expert on certain topics. Its a place for like-minded professionals to gather and discuss topics of interest or establish their expertise


          Linkedin Ads

    • And if your business falls into the B2B category, LinkedIn might just be the best place for your advertisements.
    • In fact, marketers rate Linkedin as the most effective social media platform for B2B companies.


    • Monthly Active Users: 300 million
    • Number of Snaps Created Everyday (Photos & Videos) 1 million
    • Average Time Spent per User on a Daily Basis: 30+ minutes
    • Number of Snapchat users who upload photos: 65%
    • Snapchat Daily Video Views: More than 10 billion
    • Active Snapchat user open the app 18+ time every day
    • 400+ million Snapchat stories are created per day.


        Should You Be On Snapchat?

    • Young Audience
    • Target Millenials


                  If your products are targeting 14-year-old girls and you’re not on Snapchat, you are doing something wrong.


           B2B On Snapchat?

    • Some people think you can’t.
    • After all, a large portion of the current Snapchat user base consists of those who are teenagers or younger.
      • But don’t let that young audience deceive you. As the platform finds its footing in the digital world, older populations are flocking to the platform as well.   
    • Here are some Tips


    • Provide Access to Live Events
    • Deliver Private Content
    • Offer Contests, Perks or Promotions
    • Take People Behind the Curtain
    • Partner With Influencers


    • Snapchat’s can make an impact with your followers and strengthen your brand’s point of view with real-time marketing


                  Social Media Metrics You Must Measure

    • Anticipate growth by counting your followers
    • Count “likes” to guide your content creation
    • Track user comments
    • Use content shares to measure the engagement
    • Measure total exposure with “Reach”
    • Gauge effectiveness with click-through rates
    • Track referral traffic from social media
    • Tabulate mentions of your brand



                 Tools That You Must Use

    • Buffer (Recommended)
    • BuzzSumo (Recommended)
    • Canva (Recommended)
    • Sprout Social
    • Hootsuite
    • Feedly
    • Bitly
    • Audience
    • Tweet
    • Crowdfire